Call for Chapters: The Politics of Researching Multilingually 


Full call: [PDF]

Editors: Prue Holmes, Judith Reynolds, Sara Ganassin

Planned publication series: Researching Multilingually, published by Multilingual Matters.


In this call for chapters we invite theoretically informed discussions on how researchers draw on and manage their linguistic, and other communicative, resources in their research in these politically-charged, and linguistically and culturally diverse contexts. We invite researchers, in the first instance, to submit a title, an abstract (of up to 500 words) outlining a proposed chapter on this topic grounded in empirical research, five key references that support the argument, and a brief bio (maximum 100 words describing your role, affiliation, research area). Please submit your title, abstract, references and bio to the editors Prue Holmes, Judith Reynolds, and Sara Ganassin by 1 July 2019.

We encourage researchers across different disciplines and at all stages of their research careers to submit their work. We also welcome the experiences of novice researchers (e.g., doctoral researchers) who are grappling with these choices and decisions in their research. If you have any further questions about shaping your title and abstract, please email Prue Holmes for further information and guidance. After reviewing your abstract and giving any necessary feedback, we will invite selected authors to submit a full chapter of up to 8,000 words in length (which includes abstract, main text, references, appendices, etc.).

Timeline of process:
Submission of abstracts: 1 July 2019
Notification of acceptance: 29 July 2019
Submission of first draft of chapter: 2 December 2019
Feedback from editors: 13 January 2020
Submission of revised chapter: 9 March 2020
Further feedback from editors: 20 April 2020
Final editing and completion: 18 May 2020
Proposed publication date: November 2020

If you are interested in, please see the full details of the [Call for Chapters The Politics of Researching Multilingually].

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