[custom_font font_size=”17″ line_height=”40″ font_style=”normal” text_align=”left” font_weight=”300″ text_decoration=”none” text_shadow=”no” color=”#000000″]Welcome to IALIC – the International Association for Languages and Intercultural Communication!


IALIC was formed in the year 2000 with the aim of supporting scholars in their academic life within the field of Languages and Intercultural Communication. It aims to bring together international scholars and practitioners from diverse disciplinary backgrounds in order to deepen intellectual enquiry, promote understanding of the lived reality of intercultural communication, propel advancements in theory and practice that contribute to enhanced intercultural understanding, and challenge all types of intolerance and social injustice.


IALIC organises an annual conference, as well as symposia and other events where scholars and practitioners can share their work, build networks, and reflect on contemporary theoretical and practical concerns. The Association also publishes the journal Language and Intercultural Communication (since 2001), which presents leading work from around the world.


If you are interested in learning more about IALIC and the benefits of becoming a member, click on the ‘ABOUT IALIC’ tab above.[/custom_font]

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