IALIC history

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The Beginnings (1996-1999)

IALIC grew out of four successful conferences on ‘Cross Cultural Capability’ organized at Leeds Metropolitan University by Margaret Parry and David Killick:

1996: Developing Cross-Cultural Capability, December 16, 1996, Leeds Metropolitan University.

1997: The Why, The Ways & The Means: New theories & methodologies in language education. December 15-16, 1997, Leeds Metropolitan University.

1998: Languages for Cross-Cultural Capability. Promoting the discipline: Marking boundaries and crossing borders., December 12-14, 1998, Leeds Metropolitan University.

1999: Poetics and Praxis of Languages and Intercultural Communication, December 11-13, 1999, Leeds Metropolitan University.



IALIC – the Association

The International Association of Language and Intercultural Communication (IALIC) was founded in Leeds, UK, in 2000.

– The first conference of IALIC proper was organised in Leeds, in 2000, on the theme of Revolutions in Consciousness: Local Identities, Global Concerns in Languages & Intercultural Communication. It was held in late November at Leeds Metropolitan University, with Alison Phipps as Chair.

– The second IALIC conference was also organised in Leeds in 2001 on the theme of Living in Translated Worlds: Languages and Intercultural Communication, and took place from December 1-2.

– The third IALIC Conference was organised in 2002 in Linz, Austria, at Johannes Kepler University by Evelyn Glaser on the theme of The Transcultured Self: Experiencing Languages and Intercultural Communication. This was the first IALIC conference that was held outside the UK and took place in December.

– The fourth IALIC Conference was organised in 2003 in Lancaster, at the University of Lancaster, UK, by Robert Crawshaw on the theme of The Intercultural Narrative. It took place between 14-16 December.

– The fifth IALIC Conference, was organised in 2004 in Dublin, Ireland, at Dublin City University, by Veronica Crosbie.  The theme was Politics, Plurilingualism and Linguistic Identity and it took place between 11-14 November.

– The sixth IALIC Conference was organised in 2005 in Brussels, Belgium, at Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer by Jan Walravens. The theme of the conference was Europe: Inside Out.

– The seventh IALIC Conference was organised in 2006 in Passau, Germany, at the University of Passau, by Klaus Dirscherl on the theme of Culture and Context. It took place between December 1-3.

– The eighth IALIC Conference was organised in 2007 in Győr, Hungary at Széchenyi István University by Lívia Ablonczy-Mihályka & Anikó Tompos on the theme of Regions and Identities. It was held between November 30 – December 2. Amongst many highlights, it featured one memorable ‘ethnographic’ expedition by members of the Association to a subterranean club on the banks of the Danube.

– The ninth IALIC Conference was organised in 2008 in Glasgow, at the University of Glasgow, Scotland, by Alison Phipps and John Corbett. It addressed the theme of Faith, Hospitality and Shopping: Re-imagining intercultural dialogue. The conference was held between 31 October and 2 November at the University of Glasgow, Scotland.

– The first IALIC Symposium was organized in 2009 in Edinburgh, at Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland, by Maria Dasli on the theme of The Intercultural Speaker. It was hosted jointly by Edinburgh Napier University, School of Marketing, Tourism & Languages & University of Glasgow, Centre for Studies in Faith, Culture and Education on 5th June.

– The second IALIC Symposium was organized in 2009 in Leeds at Leeds Humanities Research Institute by Jane Wilkinson on the theme of The Intercultural Writer. It took place on Friday 20th November.

– The tenth IALIC Conference was organised in 2010 in Leeds, at the University of Leeds, by Mike Robertson and Jane Wilkinson. The theme was Travelling Languages:  Culture, Communication and Translation in a Mobile World. The conference was held 3-5 December.

– The third IALIC Symposium was organised in 2011 in Malaysia. It took place at the Hotel Puri Pujangga, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, in Kuala Lumpur; and was organised by Shanta Nair-Venugopal. The theme of the conference was Language and Intercultural Communication: The Discourse of Ethics and Equity. Held between 9-10 December, this was the first IALIC meeting which took place outside Europe.

– The eleventh IALIC Conference was organised by Prue Holmes in 2012 at Durham University, UK, on the theme of Intercultural dialogue: Current challenges/future directions. It took place between 30 November – 2 December.

– The twelfth IALIC Conference was organised in 2013 in Hong Kong, at Hong Kong Baptist University, organised by Hans Ladegaard and Chris Jenks. The theme was Language and intercultural communication in the workplace: Critical approaches to theory and practice. It took place between 29 November – 1 December.

– The 2014 IALIC Conference was organised in 2014 at the University of Aveiro, Portugal, by Helena Sá and Ana Simões. The theme was Linguistic resources and intercultural (communicative) competence: Bridging a theoretical and empirical gap. It was held between 28 – 30 November.

– The fifteenth IALIC Conference was organised in 2015 at Peking University, Beijing, by Gao Yihong. The theme was Intercultural communication in social practice: Dialogical perspectives, future directions. It was held between 27-29 November.

– The 2016 IALIC Conference was organised in 2016 at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, by Melinda Dooly and Claudia Vallejo. The theme was Bridging across languages and cultures in everyday lives: New roles for changing scenarios. It was held between 25-27 November.

– The seventeenth IALIC Conference was organised in 2017 in Edinburgh, Scotland, at Edinburgh Napier University by Vivien Zhou. The theme was Interrogating the ‘third space’: Negotiating meanings and performing ‘culture’. It took place 19-20 June.

– The eighteenth IALIC Conference will be organised in 2018 in Finland, at the University of Helsinki, by Fred Dervin. It will be held between 29-31 August. The call for papers will be issued shortly.

– The nineteenth IALIC Conference will be organised in November 2019 in Spain, at the University of Valencia, by María José Coperias and Juan José Martínez-Sierra.

Please email Malcolm with any additional details, corrections or memories – and especially group photographs (m.n.macdonald@warwick.ac.uk).



The founding Chair of IALIC from 2000-2005 was Alison Phipps (University of Glasgow).

The current Chair of IALIC is Cristina Ros i Solé (University of London).

Other former Chairs of IALIC have been:

– Evelyn Glaser

– Shirley Jordan

– John O’Regan

– Jane Wilkinson

– Prue Holmes

A rare occasion to see three IALIC chairs together:

From left to right in the photo: Prue Holmes, Alison Phipps, and Cristina Ros i Solé.


LAIC Editor

The current editor of the IALIC journal (i.e. LAIC) is Malcolm MacDonald.

Other former contributors of LAIC have been:

– Alice Tomic

– Mike Kelly

– Crispin Thurlow,

– John Corbett

– John O’Regan[/custom_font]