LALIC Membership benefits include (as per subscription year):

• Reduced registration fee for IALIC annual conferences
• Free copy of all issues of the journal Language and Intercultural Communication (LAIC)


We offer four types of memberships:

  • Annual subscription: £40/54 Euros
  • Three year subscription: £120/162 Euros
  • Registered students: £35/47 Euros (please submit proof of student status)
  • Institutional membership: £135/196 Euros

*Membership runs until the end of the calendar year.


If you wish to become a member, please complete the IALIC-Membership-Form-2018 (with information on the membership fee and payment methods) and send it to:


If you wish to subscribe to or unsubscribe from the IALIC mailing list, please access the relevant JISCMail page here.