Forums at IALIC conferences

Since 2018, specific sessions called “Research Forum” have been included in the programmes of IALIC annual conferences. The aim of these initiatives is to create a dedicated space where conference participants can exchange ideas on their current research interests and explore possibilities for future collaborations.


20th Anniversary IALIC Online Symposium

Issues, Controversies And Difficult Questions

23-27 November, 2020



The 2020 Research Forum was the final event of the 20th Anniversary IALIC Online Symposium (Friday 27th). It came at the end of a very inspiring week, with high-quality papers and stimulating exchanges among speakers and participants; thus, it represented an opportunity to go back to the thought-provoking conversations had during the week. The RF meeting started with short summaries of each day, so that those who had not attend all sessions could get an idea of “the difficult questions, issues and controversies” addressed. After that, participants engaged in a lively debate and discussed a series of key topics in intercultural communication research, including our role of researchers and practitioners (the professional language we use, the impact our studies can and should have on societies, etc.). Overall 44 participants contributed to the success of the initiative, and the IALIC management committee would like to thank each one of them for their participation.




19th IALIC conference, University of Valencia, Valencia, Spain

Translating cultures. The culture of translating

20-22 November, 2019





In Valencia, special attention was given to exploring European funding programmes as a way of stimulating collaboration among the IALIC members and affiliates. In response to this end, Francesco Girotti (University of Bologna) was invited to give a keynote talk about “Multilingualism and interculturality in the current and future Erasmus+ Programme”. As the coordinator of the European Projects Unit at the International Relations Division in Bologna, he offered a very informative plenary session, focussing on the more relevant financial opportunities for research in languages and intercultural communication. A lively debate about potential project areas and topics accompanied and followed the keynote talk.





18th IALIC conference, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

The ‘Good’ Interculturalist yesterday, today and tomorrow

29-31 August, 2018



For the first IALIC Research Forum, participants were invited to share their expertise and interests and to put forward suggestions as to how the Association could contribute to establishing research networks among members. Three short talks (5 minutes each) acted as icebreakers and starting points for discussions: Manuela Guilherme presented GLOCADEMICS (Glocal Languages and Intercultural Responsibility in a postcolonial global academic world); Claudia Borghetti talked of IEREST (Intercultural Education Resources for Erasmus Students and their Teachers); Prue Holmes introduced Researching Multilingually. Participants shared ideas on how IALIC could facilitate collaboration; one of them, i.e., inviting experts on research funding programmes to share their expertise at IALIC conferences was taken up during the following Valencia Research Forum in 2019.