Researching Multilingually


Dear IALIC Members,

I am emailing you about our newly-funded AHRC project “Researching Multilingually” to invite you to participate in our network and submit an abstract to one of our seminars. See attached flyer with further details.

The purpose of this one-year project is to develop insights into how researchers working multilingually theorise and operationalise the multulingual dimension of their research. In this way, from such reflections on research experience, we hope to develop deeper insights into the complexities of, and opportunities for, researching multilingually.

As the embryonic project website outlines – – the project primarily consists of three 2-day seminars (in Durham in March, Bristol in April and Manchester in May). We would be delighted if you would like to participate in the development of this network and the sharing of insights into the process of researching multilingually. In practical terms, participation means:

a) presenting a paper at one of the three seminars (for which some funding is available to enable you to do so). While seminar participation will be available primarily to UK-based researchers, we do envisage participation from a limited number of researchers via video-conferencing;

b) developing a presence on the above website in the drop-down menu for ‘Project Network’ where participants write a short “story” about (i) their experience of researching multilingually (including supervision of e.g. doctoral students working multilingually), and (ii) about their developing awareness of the complexities and possibilities of this multilingal dimension to research practice.

With regard to a), if you are interested, please consult the website for more information (most of which is also contained in the attached Call for Participation flyer) and submit an abstract. Note that abstracts are due by 31st January. We are also planning follow-up publications from the seminars, so you will have the opportunity to submit your paper for peer review and possible publication.

With regard to b), if you are interested, please let Mariam Attia – the Project Administrator know – – and she will work with you to create your webpage.

If anything is unclear, and/or if you have questions/comments, please get back to me at so that I can explain further what we have in mind and how we think you might be involved. Please forward this email and the flyer on to anyone else whom you think might be interested in participating in this project.

Best wishes,


Dr Prue Holmes
MA Programme Director
Senior Lecturer (International and Intercultural Education)

“Researching Multilingually” (AHRC Project)